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First Take Aerial is made up of professional real estate photographers who provide ultra HD 4K photography and video to make your property look the best that it can. Our photographers are equipped with top of the line equipment: sliders, tripods, gimbaled camera mounting systems, and software applications to get the shots and footage that average photographers cannot. We serve Lake Tahoe and Reno and the surrounding areas.

Extraordinary homes deserve beautiful, compelling, artistic video to reflect them. As video marketing professionals, we know that there is far more to portray in effective real estate video than static images that don’t move, and therefore don’t engage the sophisticated consumer. Our property showcase videos capture your property in a visually compelling way which converts viewers into buyers. We deliver premium real estate videos using drones and state of the art cameras.

Showcase your property like never before. With 3D modeling your customers are able to put themselves anywhere on the property with just a few clicks. They have the freedom to see their potential investment from any direction they wish. No more views being constrained by still photos. Buyers are also able to measure distances on the property with a few clicks. No more walking around with a tape measure and writing notes furiously on a home tour. Check it out below! 

RE Pro Gallery

Residential Real Estate Photo Gallery

My style consists of a mix of natural + artificial lighting. I shoot homes with the interior light fixtures off to control the amount of artificial light with off-camera flash equipment.

I want to showcase the natural light homes bring in because that is much harder to change in a prospective buyer's eye. Light fixtures, lamps, and even light bulbs are all easily customizable with whatever brightness and color the homeowner desires. 


Color temperature on light bulbs can easily change the look, feel, and color of a room. I want to showcase what is natural to the eye and all colors; white light. Getting colors to be accurate as possible is key in my editing.

I will also shoot artistic detail shots to bring character to the home and make those buyers feel a connection right off the bat. Many of the detail shots I provide are captured in a human eye perspective; meaning it's not ultra wide, and looks natural to what you would see in person.

The last detail of my style is that I don't create oversaturated, overedited window views. I want a buyer's eye to scan through the room before looking out the window. After all, views change so much from angle to angle so why not let them really take in the views when they look at the home in person!

Go ahead and check out some more of my work below or click that contact button to get started!

Video Gallery

Residential Real Estate Video Gallery

3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Commercial Real Estate Photo Gallery